Tim Wendelboe in Joe's

We are delighted to welcome our latest guest roasts from Tim Wendelboe out of Oslo, a favourite of ours here in Joe’s and always one of our most popular guests. It’s probably because Tim has always been a great friend to us in Joe’s and is one of the most passionate speciality coffee people you will ever meet. Many of you will know this from being at the cupping he did with us last June in our Montague Street shop.

We have the whole range of Tim’s beans in our Arnotts and Montague Street shops including Finca Tamana (for espresso and filter), an organic Ethiopian (Hunkute) and a Kenyan filter.

We also have two very special Honduran coffees. One of them is a Java variety, a beautiful coffee which we had last year, while the other is close to a Geisha variety called Bourboncillo. More on that really special last one here: https://www.timwendelboe.no/coffee/caballero-bourboncillo

For more on Tim Wendelboe and his coffees, go here: https://www.timwendelboe.no/