La Cabra's back

We have new guest roasts in from La Cabra, Esben Piper’s café and roastery in Aarhus in Denmark. We have two filters and an espresso:

La Abuela (Colombia): Cherry, almonds, dark chocolate. Complex and sweet honey-processed coffee from the experimental farm La Palma & El Tucan.

La Ilusion (Colombia): Caramel, apple, orange. Orange chocolate and yellow fruit acidity, resting on a bed of caramel-roasted nuts.

Sitio Nalli (Brazil): Honey, blackberry, chocolate. On the cupping table of this year's fresh harvest from Brazil this coffee stood out. Juicy character with depth and structure. This is also the guest espresso in Joe’s on Liffey Street and on Montague Street.

As always, these are really worth trying. They’re in all three Joe’s now.