Chemex Made Perfect

As you know, we use coffee from The Barn Berlin in our three speciality coffee shops in Dublin and Kildare, as well as having their retail beans for sale. They also provide handy guides for home-brewing. It’s the ideal method for getting the best coffee possible.

Equipment: Chemex, filter, scale, timer, grinder, pitcher, hot water, coffee beans

Brew time: 4 mins

Water: 500ml at 95 degrees Celsius

Coffee beans: 33g

Method: Give the paper filter a good rinse with hot water. This removes all paper taste from the filter and pre-heats your Chemex. Remove the rinsing water. Grind your coffee beans to a medium to coarse grind setting. Add the coffee and tare your scale (so you are measuring just the coffee). Have your boiling water ready. Start your timer. Pour 70ml water to create the bloom At 30 seconds, pour in 100ml water. Repeat with 50ml every 20-30 seconds. Avoid letting the water rise too high.

Remember to pour in circular motions so all coffee is extracted nicely. Never pour on the sides, but follow the inner of a bagel form.

For more, pick up one of these guides in Joe's or ask our baristas about home-brewing! They're happy to help!!!