Amazing Aeropress

As you know, we use coffee from The Barn Berlin here in Joe’s, as well as having their retail beans for sale. They also provide handy guides for home-brewing, including one for AeroPress. It’s many people's preferred method for getting the best coffee possible . . .


Equipment: AeroPress set, scale, timer, grinder, pitcher, hot water, coffee beans

Brew time: 1:25 mins

Water: 230ml at 95 degrees Celsius

Coffee beans: 16g

Method: Put your AeroPress on your pitcher. Give the AeroPress a good rinse with hot water. This removes all paper taste from the filter and pre-heats your pitcher. Remove the rinsing water. Grind your coffee beans to a medium grind setting. Add the coffee to the AeroPress and tare your scale. Have your boiling water ready. Start your timer and add the hot water to the coffee. Give it a good, quick stir and place the plunger on top of the AeroPress. Pull the plunger up just a little bit to stop the coffee from dripping. Brew for one minute. Remove the plunger and quickly stir three times and place back. Press down for 20 seconds.

Don’t forget that we stock AeroPresses in all three of our speciality coffee shops in Dublin and Kildare.